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Danish open sandwich

Served until 4 pm


Herring w/ fat, onion, ryebread, capers and egg.

Choose between:

Curry, Marinated, spiced,

or pan fried herring w/beetroots

and mustard


w/1 type of herring 39,-

w/2 types of 75,-



Fishplate w/salmon 99,-

Fried plaice w/remoulade,

schrimps w/mayo, asparagus,

lemon and marinated salmon.

served w/bread


Fishplate w/herring 99,-

Fried plaice w/remoulade,

schrimps w/mayo, asparagus,

lemon and herring w/capers.

served w/bread


Old Cheese 59,-

(52weeks+) On ryebread

w/fat, onion and a dash of

dark rum.





Schrimp cocktail 69,-

Schrimps on iceberg

w/lemon, asparagus,

caviar, homemade

Thousand island and bread.


Herring on potato 59,-

w/iceberg and dressing.

Choose between marinated,

spiced or pan-fried


Hot smoked salmon 69,-

w/ salad and citusmayo

and bread


Warm lunch

Served until 4 pm


Plaice Plate 99,-

Boiled and fried filet of plaice

On white bread w/salad and home-

made Thousand Island w/schrimps,

Asparagus and caviar.


Minced steak a la Paris 95,-

App. 200 gr. w/onion, beetroots,

capers, pickles, grouted horseradish

and egg york.


Pork Loin 99,-

w/mushroom a la creme,

ryebread, butter and pickled



Minced Steak 95,-

App. 200 gr. w/soft onion, fried-

egg, ryebread and butter.


Roasted Pork burger 89,-

Pork Filet roasted in owen

w/red cabbage, pickled cucumber,

Served w/fried potatoes.


Lunch Burger 95,-

Served with ryebread


Danish Meatballs 89,-

Served w/ryebread,

red cabbage and

picklet cucumber


Extra 10,-

Fried egg, egg york,






Mixed salad w/dressing,

bread and butter.

Choose beetween:


Marinated Salmon 139,-

Shrimps 139,-



Steaks & Burgers


Beefsteak of filet on oak 169,-

App. 2oo gr. Fillet grilled on oak

Surrounded by mashed potatoes

tomato and herb butter


Minced steak on oak 139,-

App. 250 gr. Panfried minced steak

On oak surrounded by mashed potato

w/grill tomato, soft fried onion and

and gravy.


Steak of grilled filet 179,-

App. 200 gr. w/fried potatoes,

mixed green salad and sauce.


Bacon cheese Burger 129,-

Served w/fried potatoes


Steak w/onion a lá crème 179,-

App. 200 gr. Pan fried Beef filet

w/soft onion a la creme, pickled

cucumber and small potatoes


Traditional Danish


Danish Meatballs 129,-

Served w/ red cabbage,

pickled cucmber,

potatoes and sauce.


Wienerschnitzel 159,-

w/pan fried potatoes, peas and sauce


Pork Loin 149,-

w/champignon a la creme,

pickled cucumber and potatoes.


Minced Steak 139,-

App. 250 gr. w/soft onion,

beet roots, sauce and small



Roasted Pork 149,-

w/red cabbage, pickled cucumber,

small potatoes and sauce.


Minced steak a lá Paris 139,-

App. 250 gr. minced steak w/onion,

beet roots, capers, pickles,grouted horseradish and

egg yolk.




Plaice Plate 139,-

Boiled and fried filet and plaice

On white bread w/shrimps, salad,

Homemade thousand island, asparagus, lemon and



Fried Plaice 159,-

Filet of plaice pan fried in butter

w/shrimps, tomato, mushroom

and potatoes


Fish plate 139,-

Fried Plaice, shrimps, asparagus,

Mayo, lemon and marinated salmon



Hot Smoked Salmonsteak 179,-

App. 200 gr. Hot smoked salmon w/mixed green

salad, butter sauce and potatoes


Hot Smoked Salmon Steak on oak 169,-

App. 200 gr. Hot Smoked Salmon steak on oak

w/mashed potatoes, grilled tomato and

herb butter


Danish Fish´N Chips 139,-

2 fried fish filet w/small fried potatoes

w/remoulade and lemon.



Kid’s Corner

(0-12 year)


Fried Plaice 65,-

w/remoulade, lemon

and fried potatoes.


Kids today’s Menu 69,-


Danish Meatballs 70,-

Danish Meatballs w/potatoes,

red cabbage and



Kids Burger 94,-

App. 200 gr. Burger

w/fried potatoes.



Cheese & Desserts


Old Cheese 59,-

(52weeks+) w/onion and

a dash of dark rum


Danish Apple cake 59,-

Old-fashioned apple cake.

apple porridge in layers w/

crumbs, topped with cream


Coupé Denmark 59,-

Ice cream w/chocolate sauce


Pancakes w/ice cream 59,-

Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream

and chocolate sauce


Today´s dessert 59,-


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